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The Z.H. Unani Medical College & Hospital is located in the north western portion of Siwan town on the bank of River Daha about 1.5 km. away from Siwan Railway jn. It spreads over a plot of 5 acres. There is ample Scope for the future growth of the Campus.The College was establised in 1979 & got affiliation from govt. of Bihar with letter nO.607/ D.C. dated 14.08.84 & approved with its letter No:-55/85-4(3)dated 18.06.85& onward affiliated from B. R.Ambedkar Bihar university muzaffarpur. (As thus it is affiliated under B.R.Ambedkar Bihar university, muzaffarpur) & recognised by Central Council of Indian Medicine, Ministry of Health & F.W.Delhi & approved by Ministry of Health Govt. of Bihar. Late Zulfequar Haider laid the foundation of this college with the great vision of spreading the Unani method of Medicine. This Institution is registered under society run vide letter no 52/82-83 Act. All of our pass out students are well established with in government organizations and some has their own clinic & hospitals. Our College has twelve departments out of those seven departments are running full functional as per C.C.I.M. norms.


To produce competent Unani Physician who can handle all sorts of cases of medical as well as surgical based on their extensive knowledge about the fundamental theories and the basic principles of Unani system of medicine with modern advances where necessary. Such Unani graduates shall be competent to serve in the medical and health services of the country.

Sr. No. Name of the Deptt. Name of H.O.D. Contact No.
1 Deptt. of Moalejat Dr.Zahid Hussain 9006904600
2 Deptt. of Kulliyat(Umoore Tabiya) Dr.Nuruzzaman 9801949925
3 Deptt. of Tashreehul Badan Dr. Faiyaz Ahmad 8757581302
4 Deptt. of Monafeul Aza Dr.Abdul Samad Lari 9956336087
5 Deptt. of Ilmul Advia Dr.Abid Hussain 9507920136
6 Deptt.of Niswan wa Qabalat Dr.Shahnawaz Ahmad 9708022806
7 Deptt.of Jild wa Tazeeniyat Dr. H.M Karimullah 9334473164
8 Deptt.of Tahafuziwa Samaji Tib Dr. Alauddin Khan 9931979735
9 Deptt. of Ain Uzn , Anaf Wa Halaq Dr. Azfarul Hasnain 9771523225
10 Deptt. of Ilmul Saidla Dr. Akhtar Ali 8792462311
11 Deptt.of Jarahiyat Dr.S. Zainul Abeddin 9450879846
12 Deptt. of Ilmul Amraz Dr. Zahid Imdad 9151828311
13 Deptt of Ilmul Atfal Dr. Syed Afsana 9451565281
14 Deptt.of Elaj Bit Tadbir Dr.Samiuzzaman 9162533483