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The construction of hostel for boys and girls in college campus is in progress. At present rented building for girls and boys are provided by the college.HOSTEL FOR the GIRL'S:
There is provision of hostel for girl student. The following norms are applicable for Girls hostel students.

  • (i) The hostel is compulsory for the students who are not the resident of Siwan town.
  • (ii) For allotment of seats in the hostel the students will have to get them self registered after paying a sum of Rs. 500/- at the time of admission as registration fee.
  • (iii) The monthly charge for the hostel is Rs. 450/- per month which is to be paid along with the tuition fee every month. If the amount IS not paid in due time a fine of Rs. 25/- only will be imposed per month. For fooding the student will make their own arrangement.
  • (iv) The senior most student will be the house monitor and all the students will follow her advice. The information regarding any need, cause of departure and arrival is to be given to the monitor. In the absence of the same next senior student will do her job.
  • (v) In the hostel a register is provided Which is in the custody of the house monitor The prefect will guide the students and gat entered the name of the students, Guardians, the contact numbers. and detailed home address of every student. The students will also mention the name, contact no and address of their local guardians.v
  • (vi) A student register is provided to the house monitor in which the time of departure and arrival of the students in the hostel is to be maintained by all individuals. The hostel superintendent will check the register time to time and will report regarding any irregularities to the principal.
  • (vii) The relation between seniors and juniors must be homely and their behavior with one another must like elder and younger sister. In the case of any anomaly , the matter must be reported to the superintendent and no direct action will be taken by any student.
  • (viii) The ladies Guardians can meet their wards and can stay at night with consent of the house monitor. However the male guardian can meet their wards only after taking per mission from hostel Superintendent or principal. The house monitor will maintain the name, time of arrival and departure of the visitors also.
  • (ix) The male student are not allowed in the hostel. In the case of emergency the hostel superintended will be informed and he will do the need full action.
  • (x) A peon of the college is provided in the morning and evening for the marketing who wil! also report regarding any problem to the higher authorities.
  • (xi) The medicines available in the college hospital will be provided free of cost. at the time of emergency, the medicines which are not available in the hospital will be purchased from the market by the hospital Superintendent and latter on the amount will be paid by concerned student.
  • (xii) One key of all rooms will be with the hostel Superintendent for the hours of need. MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION
  • (a) Medium of instruction shall be substantiated with English where never necessary. Facilities for teaching in Hindi or regional language may be provided and a change in the medium may be adopted provided the test book in the regional language are made available.
  • (b) Necessary modern advancement shall be incorporated in the course of studies. In such case terminology shall be standard modern terminology with Arabic equivalents. For unani the terminology shall essentially remain the unani terminology.


White pant, White Shirt, Black Shoes, White trousers, BlackShirwani, in winter) Cream Colour (in summer) White Paijama, Black Shoes,White Sock for girl students-white salwar, Jumphar & dupatta white sock.

A student can be removed by the Principal for any of the following reasons:

  • (a) Non Payment of college dues in time
  • (b) Long absence from the college without information or leave.
  • (c) Unsatisfactory progress and gross mis conduct.
  • (d) Taking part in political and communal activities
  • (e) Illness with harmfull contageous diseases like leprosy, Tuberculosis, Aids etc.
  • (f) Causing any harm in the development of the college or found irresponsible in his activities.


Penalty and fine can be imposed by the Principal for the following reasons.

  • (i) Less attendance in college.
  • (ii) Absence without permission.
  • (iii) Non payment of fee by the prescribed date a fine for 500/- per month will be charged.
  • (iv) Damage to the college, Dawakhana properties, Library book and furniture. Note: In the case of any dispute the matter will be settled in Siwan court, for any judicial matter the jurisdiction will be in Siwan court and the College Has right to reject or accept any case.